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Versailles Wholecloth Set

The Versailles Wholecloth Set as this week’s featured set. This unique set includes a wholecloth project designed to stitch out at 30″ x 30″. Of course, as with any digital file, you are able to scale the design to fit your needs.  You’ll see each “pass” color-coded in the image below. If you have a very large throat space in which to work, this could be quilt the sizable wholecloth.


We are talking about a set after all, and the wholecloth shown above is one single file that stitches with a few jumps allowing you to advance the quilt. The set also includes individual design elements allowing each quilter to personalize or customize the project.

Versailles Wholecloth SET| Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Mix-and-match and create your own unique arrangement.

Go Bigger

You may want a LARGE quilted project. Quiltable’s Versailles Wholecloth Set has you covered! Stitch the wholecloth + setting blocks 7 and 8 to create an approximately 60″ x 60″ quilt. You’ll see the setting blocks are highlighted in color in the layout below.

Versailles Wholecloth Project | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Or opt to super-size it! Go even bigger with a 90″ square project.

Versailles Wholecloth Project | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge


While the set does not include background fill designs, those are always an option. After all, the tricky part is already stitched. Go from this:

Versailles Wholecloth | Quitlable

NOTE: Wholecloth shown here is stitched at 15-1/2″ square to fit completely in the throat space of a 20″ longarm.

To this, with the introduction of micro stippling and match-stick lines.

Versailles Wholecloth | Quitlable

Go Colorful!

Live a little. Grab some color and create something wild and non-traditional. The below pink Versailles Wholecloth sample is quilted at 30″ x 30″ with no size alteration. The bubble gum pink solid cotton fabric is quilted with Cerulean Glide Thread.

Versailles Wholecloth | Quitlable

Don’t stop here. Versailles Wholecloth Set has plenty of feathers to paint and fill with fabric permanent inks.

Versailles Wholecloth | Quitlable

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #quiltabledesigns when sharing.

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