Quiltable has STOCKINGS!

Quiltable has mini – stockings to be exact! Wait until you see these samples. Our team has gone a bit wild with ~ 5″ x 3″ stockings. These are the perfect size for ornaments, gift card holders, small gifts, classroom/neighbor gifts, and more.

We have a total of eight different mini-stocking designs on the website. Five designs are bundled together, and sold separately, with each a unique fill design in the body of the stocking. The remaining three designs are sold individually.

The two of the stockings offer an opportunity for you to mask off the blank area and add in your own fill, block, name, year, or monogram. Or simply leave that part blank and let the kids use fabric markers to decorate their stockings.

One fat quarter can hold about 5 stockings when stitched at their default size. What happens when you load a large quilt backing and then an assortment of holiday colored fabric scraps to the front? Mini Stocking MANIA!!!

Pro-Tip: If you are quilting more than a couple-a-few stockings, add your ribbon while the project is still on the longarm! Of course this tip and all finishing directions are included in the design purchase.

How many mini-stockings did our team make to test this collection?

It is an obscene amount in loads of color combinations, bundled in stacks of 5 for easy counting.

If you guessed 145, you’re right!

We even enlarged the mini-stocking design to quilt it onto two different orphan quilt blocks.

The results were fantastic and will be even better with a planned patchwork block.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #quiltabledesigns when sharing.

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