Midas Wholecloth PROJECT


The Midas Wholecloth Project is a digital quilting design that includes all the elements to create a wall-hanging quilt in one single file.

Caution: This is one digital file. If your robotic system requires the entire design to fit within a “safe to stitch” area, this may not be the best option for your system. Shop the Midas ROWS Wholecloth, instead.

Instructions for stitching this single design are included with the purchase. The wholecloth is designed to stitch 40″ x 40″ and can be scaled larger or smaller. The tallest element of this design are the “eye” shapes on the far right and left. They are 15-1/4″ tall, by default.

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Sample in blue fabric + gold metallic thread stitched at 15″ square.

Ice dyed panel by Debra Linker features the design stitched at 40″ square.



DIGITAL PRODUCT: Digital products include the following file types and are intended for computerized robotic quilting systems.
All formats included in this download.

  • BQM
  • CQP
  • DXF
  • HQF
  • HQV
  • IQP
  • PAT
  • PLT
  • QLI
  • SSD

PRINTABLE PRODUCT: Printable products for this design may not be available yet.

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Digital Product

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