Scale Matters

Today, Quiltable shares thoughts on increasing or decreasing the sizes of digital design. It is all about scale!

We are often asked, “What size is this design?” The truth is, for most designs, the artwork can be resized to fit anything you are quilting. This is the reason we do not list a size in our pattern shop. We know that your borders may be wider, or that you prefer a loosely quilted design, or that you may want to turn something into a micro texture. You are the quilter, and you are making some beautiful projects!

Building Bridges | Presents Quilt | Quiltable

Building Bridges

For this discussion, we are using Building Bridges Edge to Edge design by Tracey Pereira.

Building Bridges | Tracey Pereira | Quiltable

The design is modern and simple and can be used on a variety of quilts. We are stitching it on the free Flurry Pattern by Kate Spain.

Scale Considerations

  • Batting Choice
  • Time & Money
  • Personal Preference

Batting Choice

Battings have a recommended quilting density written on the package. This is the easiest way to determine how far apart quilting lines can lie without affecting the integrity of the quilt. If time or personal preference aren’t that important, use the batting suggestion as your guide. Here’s an example:

Time & Money

Building Bridges | Presents Quilt | Quiltable

Time is a consideration not only if you are on a deadline, but also if you quilt-for-hire. A more densely quilted project, where you have scaled down the artwork, will take longer to quilt than a loosely quilted project of the same size.

Money comes into play when you realize many many more yards of thread are used to quilt a more densely project.

Personal Preference

Ultimately, the decision often comes down to simply personal preference. Quilting is a hobby to enjoy. If it takes 52 weeks and 800 spools of thread (1, we want to see that quilt!) you will have had a great time creating something you love.

So do you prefer a more densely quilted design with Building Bridges scaled to 4″ tall?

Building Bridges | Presents Quilt | QuiltableOr a more loose quilting, where the Building Bridges is scaled to 9″ tall?

Building Bridges | Presents Quilt | Quiltable

We LOVE them both! A birthday quilt and a holiday quilt, side by side for ease of comparison.



Both quilts were donated to Roy Maas Youth Alternatives through the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild, in September as part of Quiltable’s Charity Giving Day. Check your local community or local quilt guild to see how you can make a difference with quilts.