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Right Triangle Versatility

Our new Next Level Triangle 15-piece set is the most versatile collection in your library. Sure, it doesn’t look like much, just a pile of digital right triangles, but let us unpack these for you.

Setting Triangles

Right triangles alone are ideal for setting triangles in quilts that are constructed on-point. On-Point is when a traditional square quilt block is arranged like a “diamond,” and needs right triangles to properly frame in all these 45-degree rotated squares, like the orange and brown quilt below:

Asymmetrical Squares

The triangles in this collection, with some manipulation either in design or robotic longarm software, can be reflected to create asymmetrical squares.

Next Level

Of course, as luck would have it, Quiltable offers a companion collection to Next Level Triangles. Next Level Squares take the guess work out of aligning these triangles.

Next Level Blocks 15-Piece Set | Quiltable

Complex Squares

In your longarm software or design software, copy and paste a triangle four times, reflecting each instance to complete a square as shown:  (Your software may have a REFLECT feature to make this step even easier.)

Notice there may be some overlapping of curls, feathers, or hooks when the triangle’s block ends touch. Design style works best with triangles that start on the left and end on the right when stitching. Here’s a few more samples.

Uniform Squares

In your longarm software or design software, copy and paste a triangle four times, rotating each instance to complete a square as shown:  (Your software may have a ROTATE feature to make this step even easier.)

While these blocks will look similar to the Complex Squares listed above, you’ll notice how the feathers seem to “spin” around the center. The blocks are not connected at each corner in the sample below. When you start manipulating basic designs you’ll find tricks and tips to connect them or allow the longarm to “jump” over to the next design.

Triangles As Edge to Edge Designs

Nine triangles in the Next Level Triangles 15-Piece set start on the left and end on the right and are suited to be an edge to edge repeating design.

Note that in the repeat, there is negative or blank spaces created.

Triangles as Borders

Building on the E2E concept above, these open triangles, starting on the left and ending on the right will make a really cool border design.

Start by repeating ONE row of triangles.

With many repeats in place, save the “new” design to your longarm.

Open a second instance of this “new” repeating design. Flip the design and nest it into row ONE.

If you love the look of the two nested rows, save these together.

Consider using the pair of rows to repeat vertically to create yet another edge to edge design.

Using this “nested borders” technique to create an edge to edge design, we quilted a large scale design onto this Kaffe Fassett Fabric quilt. The piecing pattern is a variation on a free YouTube tutorial called Square Dance.

We selected the Next Level Triangle Feather Bloom to make our repeating design.

Quilt Arrangement

Using some of the ideas presented, we mocked up a digital quilt design, on-point, and featuring only the Next Level Triangles 15-Piece Set.

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #quiltabledesigns when sharing.

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