Jen Eskridge is the Digital Designs Brand Manager and occasional designer at Quiltable.

She started sewing in 1993 on an old, tan Singer sewing machine.  Her mother taught the basics.  Jen made her first quilt in 1993.  She didn’t use any books or templates, and that poor quilt eventually fell apart.  It was recycled, though, into a curtain, cleverly duct-taped over a dorm room window.

Fast forward a bit:  Jen earned a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design in 1998 from Louisiana State University. She is the author of quilting/sewing books including two dedicated to Free-Motion Quilting.

Jen has traveled the world gathering inspiration and ideas for designs and patterns.  From Korea, and China, Japan, to North America, England and France, she has found many cultural and historical elements to guide her interest and creativity.


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