Jen Eskridge


Jen Eskridge is Quiltable’s Brand Manager. She comes to us with years experience in the quilting industry. Jen quilts on a stationary/domestic Janome and longarm quilts both free-motion and computerized on a Handi Quilter Amara + Pro-Stitcher.

Jen started sewing in 1993 on an old, tan Singer sewing machine.  Her mother taught the basics.  Jen made her first quilt in 1993.  She didn’t use any books or templates, and that poor quilt eventually fell apart.  It was recycled, though, into a curtain, cleverly duct-taped over a dorm room window.

Fast forward a bit:  Jen earned a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design in 1998 from Louisiana State University. She is the author of quilting/sewing books including two dedicated to Free-Motion Quilting.

Cathie Zimmerman | Quiltable


Cathie started piecing quilts 18 years ago.  She fell in love with the piecing process but had trouble finding a longarm machine quilter to finish her quilts the way she envisioned them.  

What to do…

Cathie purchased a longarm quilting machine and started finishing her own tops.  Within a year, she felt comfortable enough with her skills to start quilting for others.   She was able to hone her skills using a variety of printed pantographs, lots of free-motion, and finishing many custom quilts.

Flash forward through home longarm business, quilt-shop owner/operator, longarm educator, machine technician, and product test/development to today.  It’s an unusual skill set and she feels blessed to have been able to apply this to Quiltable.

“I quilt, and I know things – that’s what I do.” 

E2E or customized, finishing quilts is what it is all about. Cathie says she has the best career in the world, designing digital quilting patterns and coordinating the Quiltable web site designs.  Living the dream!


Arthur Schoenfeld is the behind-the-scenes king-of-code where Quiltable is concerned.