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Just Quilt It

Chances are, if you quilt for others, your customers will say “Just quilt it.” Or if you are making a quick gift for someone or for a local charity, you may approach the finishing stages with a “Just quilt it.” mindset.

Sounds easy. Edge to edge designs are a logical choice and quick stitching designs are ideal. But you may find yourself still thinking of the PERFECT fast edge to edge for a particular quilt top.

Quiltable has a variety of designs that stitch quickly. We call these our Bread and Butter designs. The designs are suited to most any style and are quick to set up, stitch, and finish.

Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter designs meet a couple criteria:

  1. No backstitching or stitching over itself
  2. No need to meticulously align the design
  3. Always moving in a forward direction
  4. Generally simplistic in artwork
  5. Have an “all purpose” type of aesthetic

Bread and Butter Swirl | Quiltable

Quiltable has nearly 200 Bread and Butter designs from which to choose to finish you next “Just quilt it.” project.

And remember, these quick designs often add texture while finishing the quilt but the design itself tends to be secondary to the piecing/seams of the quilt.


Often times, fabric prints in quilting tend to mask the quilting design. (above) While this is a Christmas-themed quilt, the edge-to-edge design doesn’t stand in the foreground. Just quilt it with any edge to edge, or an edge to edge with a holiday theme, like Holly and Berries. The design meets almost all the Bread and Butter design criteria: Fast, minimal backstitching, no meticulous alignment. The only real difference is the association of holly with Christmas. It is a great choice for quick quilting.


Another popular “Just quilt it.” edge to edge design is the stars. As luck would have it, the stars edge to edge shown below is part of Quiltable’s FREE collection. It is included in the Patriotic Flagpole and Stars Bundle, and also meets the quick Bread and Butter design requirements.

Patriotic Flagpole and Stars Bundle | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Patriotic Flagpole and Stars Bundle | Quiltable | Jen Eskridge

Add a few fast-quilting Bread and Butter Designs to your library today!

We cannot wait to see your projects. Use the hashtag #quiltabledesigns when sharing.

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